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Continuing Education
Why Home Study

Why Home Study?


Until fairly recently, most inspectors got their training at the school of hard knocks-many tedious years of learning on the job, without ever being quite sure that what they knew, or did, or said, was correct. Within the last few years, several private training schools have been established to provide the basics of technical knowledge and professional guidance.


Nevertheless, not everyone can afford the cost or inconvenience of travel, hotel accommodations, and extended periods of time away from work and family in order to obtain this education. In addition, two weeks is the longest classroom course typically available, and that simply isn't enough time to properly cover the necessary material.


Home study (also commonly referred to as correspondence courses or distance education) offers a realistic solution to this real problem. Studies show that distance learners are very highly motivated and, in fact, have a higher rate of course completion than traditional, on-campus students. We have found that individuals with the self-discipline to stick to a consistent study routine are excellent candidates for home study. We also have found several advantages to this method:

  • As teachers, we can go into more detail. In fact, our texts are encyclopedic

  • Students can work in the comfort of their own home.

  • Students can arrange their study schedule to accommodate their lifestyle.

  • That means having the choice of keeping one's current job or studying full time.

  • Teaching and technical support are close at hand, via phone, fax, e-mail, or traditional mail.

  • There is no need to learn speed writing ... students can take leisurely notes as needed.

  • Students can learn at their own pace, and review material a second or third time if they wish - something one can't do in a classroom setting.

  • There are no distractions or delays caused by other students. The distance learners time is focused and productive.

Before we created the Infinity Training System, we investigated thoroughly to see what distance education options were already available. We believe our system is unique because it combines the science of learning with the instruction of home inspection.




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