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Continuing Education

The Infinity Training System

The Infinity Training System is a complete, single solution training system designed to do what no other home inspection training program has done before: integrate proven educational methods with solid home inspection principles.


Upon successful completion of this course you will have mastered the technical skills, education, and training necessary to launch your career into the fast-growing and lucrative profession of a qualified home inspector.


If you are looking at starting a career as a professional home inspector you have come to the right source for obtaining the industry’s finest training system available. This system is virtually identical to the hugely popular ASHI@HOME Training System that is available through the ASHI website but with one major difference, our training system sells for hundreds of dollars less than the ASHI@HOME Training System.

The Infinity Training System includes:

  • 12 “System Specific” textbook course modules

  • 2 “Career Tools” textbook course modules

  • 8 set CD-ROM or Video Cassette training tools

  • Final Examination Grading Services

  • Certificate of Course Completion upon successful completion

The 12 “system specific”

textbook training modules

Included are:

  • Structure

  • Roofing

  • Interiors

  • Exteriors

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical Systems

  • Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps

  • Steam, Electric & Wall/Floor Heating

  • Insulation

  • Gas & Oil Furnaces

  • Hot Water Boilers

  • Chimney & Wood Heating

The 2 “career training” modules included are:

· Communication & Professional Practice

This textbook module is designed to train you on the “other half” of the profession. It Includes effective communication with clients, a complete overview on the report writing process, and detailed Inspection Checklists that can be used for actual inspections, plus much more.

· The Illustrated Home and CD-ROM

This technical manual features over 1,500 technically precise illustrations of a homes major systems, and is accompanied by a corresponding CD ROM that contains JPEG clip art that can be referenced instantly on your laptop computer while doing actual inspections in the field. This state-of-the-art, dynamic technical manual and CD ROM is a “must-have” resource tool that will greatly assist in the home inspection and evaluation as well as the report writing process.

The 8 set CD-ROM or Video Cassette Training Series included are:

These important additions are designed to reinforce, highlight, and review important concepts learned in The Textbook training modules. Used in combination with the textbook training modules, these visual learning tools bring the text descriptions to life with hundreds of real world inspection scenes narrated by experienced, professional home inspectors. These visual aids illustrate both normal and defective components and offer suggestions on how to best handle them during an inspection.


The following system-specific topics are included:

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Structure

  • Roofing

  • Exterior

  • Insulation & Interiors

  • Heating

  • Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps

To View Text-Module Sample, Click Here

To View CD Video Sample, Click Here

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The ASHI Standards of Practice

(The American Society of Home Inspectors)

Are tightly integrated throughout these texts. This widely recognized professional guideline spells but in detail which aspects of the system are to be inspected, which are not, and what the report should cover.


All materials included in the Infinity Training System are also available for purchase individually or in module sets.


About our training course authors:

Our superior course content was developed by Carson Dunlop, the nation’s most knowledgeable and experienced consulting engineering firm devoted exclusively to building inspections since 1978.


Additionally, Dearborn Real Estate Education, the worlds largest provider of Real estate education content has brought their expertise in the area course development and creating effective distanced-based learning programs to the table.


This dynamic and experienced team makes the Infinity Family of Home Inspection Training Products unlike any other home inspection training products offered in our industry.

So do as many others have, let Infinity train you for your future career in the exciting and profitable Profession Home Inspection.

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