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Continuing Education
About Infinity Schools

About the Infinity Development Team

About Infinity Schools:

Founded in 1993, Infinity Schools is an industry leader in home inspection training and certification, and we have integrated a wealth of experience and expertise into a state-of-the-art curriculum line that offers the highest quality and innovation that you would expect in home inspection training.


About the Course Authors:

Our course content developed by Two Real Estate Educational Powerhouses, Carson Dunlop Ltd. the nation’s most knowledgeable and experienced home inspection and consulting engineering firm, and Dearborn Real Estate Education, the nations most prominent real estate content provider for real estate schools and associations throughout North America.


About Carson Dunlop & Associates, Ltd.

Carson, Dunlop & Associates Ltd. is a consulting engineering firm which has been devoted exclusively to building inspections since 1978. The firm specializes in the inspection of buildings and the preparation of condition surveys detailing the physical condition of the building structure and major components. Carson Dunlop has been training home inspectors since the 1980s and has developed comprehensive education materials for the inspection profession, including texts, illustrations, videotapes and CD-ROMs. Principals, Alan Carson and Robert Dunlop, the authors of Inspecting A House, (Stoddart Publishing, 1982), have been teaching technical courses to members of the real estate industry for many years. A glance at their professional accomplishments demonstrates the depth and breadth of their background in home inspection.


Building the Best Education

Carson Dunlop & Associates, Ltd. sought help from leading distance education experts at Memorial University. They designed and conducted a Learner Profile Survey to determine what people really wanted and needed. The responses confirmed our feeling that classroom instruction goes by too quickly, and is not comprehensive enough for many. We found that students considered individualized technical support a priority. They also indicated the importance of clear drawings and illustrations - the more the better. This feedback formed the cornerstone of our Infinity Training System. Carson Dunlop then performed a DACUM (Develop a Curriculum) exercise to determine what material should be covered. We identified the specific learning objectives that would most effectively teach the necessary information and enable our students to be ready to inspect as soon as possible. Consultations with technical experts for each house system, as well as with business and communications specialists, ensured that we were providing the most accurate and useful information possible. The material was written not as dry, academic text, but rather as clear, practical commentary.


About Dearborn Real Estate Education:

With over 40 years of experience, Dearborn Real Estate Education, a division of Dearborn Financial Publishing, Inc., a Kaplan professional company, is the leading real estate content provider for real estate schools and associations, offering practical pre-licensing and continuing education training materials on appraisal, home inspection, property management, brokerage, ethics, law, sales approaches, and contracts.


Prepared by leading experts in the field, Dearborn's diverse lines of products are available in print, online, in software and for the PDA. Headquartered in Chicago, Dearborn has published the works of some of the best-known authorities in the industry, including nationally known consultant and economist John Tuccillo, sales trainer Terri Murphy and consumer advocate Julie Garton-Good.


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