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Continuing Education

Welcome to Infinity Home Inspection Training!

Welcome to Infinity Home Inspection, a complete family of home inspection training materials.

We have integrated a wealth of experience and expertise into our state-of-the-art course curriculum. Our training products are designed for individuals looking to train in the lucrative career of profession home inspector as well as practicing professionals.

Our complete line of training products includes textbook based training modules, resource manuals, and cutting edge CD-ROM And Video Training products, all developed in cooperation with educators, instructional designers, and technical artists, along with extensive research and contributions from home inspectors across North America, specifically to be the premiere education and training program for home inspectors.

Our premiere product, The Infinity Training System is our complete and comprehensive training solution for individuals looking to begin a career as a professional home inspector. Authored by Carson Dunlop, the nations most prominent and successful home inspection firm, this home-based vocational course is one of a kind.

Upon successful completion of this course you will have mastered the technical skills, education, and training necessary to launch your career into the fast-growing and lucrative profession of a qualified home inspector.

About Infinity Schools: Click here for course details
Founded in 1993, Infinity Schools is an industry leader in home inspection training and certification. We are dedicated to delivering a curriculum line that offers the highest quality and innovation that you would expect in home inspection training.

About our Training Products:
Our superior course content was developed by two real estate educational powerhouses, Carson Dunlop Ltd. the nation’s most knowledgeable and experienced home inspection and consulting engineering firm, and Dearborn Real Estate Education, the nations most prominent and widely recognized real estate content provider for real estate schools and associations throughout North America.

So do as many others have, let Infinity train you for your future career in the exciting and profitable profession of Home Inspector!

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