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Great Opportunity

Great Opportunity,

          ........Great Timing


"One of the Best opportunities for the 90s,"

says Entrepreneur Magazine about the rapidly growing field of home inspection.


"One of America's 50 Hottest Jobs"

is how Money Magazine describes the profession.


But is it right for you?

Not everyone has what it takes in background or personality to make a go of it as a home inspector. Our experience and market research demonstrate that successful home inspectors have certain characteristics and skills in common. Clearly, an interest in construction and knowing how things work will make the work easier and more interesting. Yet equally, if not more important, are people and communication skills. Once you've acquired the technical knowledge, your business success will depend on your ability to effectively explain your findings and to get along with all kinds of people.


You should also give serious consideration to the physical demands of the profession. While you needn't be an Olympian athlete, you will be required to climb ladders, crawl into small spaces, and bend and twist in order to inspect hard-to-reach areas. One of the most rewarding aspects of the home inspection profession is the fact that you are always learning and discovering. There are new challenges and opportunities every day, and you are not likely to get bored quickly.


There is also a growing number of inspection-related web sites on the Internet that offer technical updates and the possibility of networking with professional



Are you the kind of person who:

  • has a technical mind and likes to figure things out

  • enjoys meeting and helping people

  • is organized and clear-thinking

  • hates sitting at a desk all day

  • is willing to learn

  • has initiative

Then home inspection could be the right career choice for you.


Perfect Timing

You couldn't have picked a better time to begin a career in home inspection. The profession is relatively young, and the home inspection market is not saturated. Yet it has been around long enough to establish itself and secure a promising future. Now is a time of unprecedented advancement and opportunity:


The real estate market is thriving

According to the National Association of Realtors, the last two years have broken all previous records for home sales, and there are no signs of that abating. People are feeling confident in a prosperous economy. The population is growing, and new generations want their share of the dream of owning a home. Government initiatives have spurred home purchases with lower rates and easier terms. Home buying is definitely on the upswing.


Consumer demand is growing.

The consumer movement has spawned a new breed of savvy and demanding buyers, ones who want to know all they can about their prospective purchases before they make their final decisions. Word of mouth and extensive media publicity have also helped to raise the public's awareness of the benefits of home inspections. Even the real estate industry, with the spread of property condition disclosure laws, has played a role in increasing consumer demand. While the numbers are indeed growing, ASHI estimates that barely 60% of the homes sold in the U.S. and Canada today are inspected prior to purchase.


This means that the market is still underserved, and that the remaining growth potential is enormous. Capital investment and overhead to run a home inspection business are minimal, which makes this a potentially lucrative small business or transitional career for individuals who are prepared with the proper technical and marketing skills. Sophisticated training and tools are now available.


Those who enter the home inspection profession today are able to benefit from the experience and knowledge of a full generation of inspectors who went before them. Professional training has improved dramatically, and an entire sub-industry of equipment and service providers has developed to assist the inspector in his or her work with everything from tools and testers to report writing and office management software.


The field is expanding with new opportunities.

Home inspectors with talent and ambition can expand their business services beyond residential inspection to include commercial inspections and expert witness testimony, for example. Radon, lead-based paint, septic system, and indoor air testing are just a few of the new environmental services that consumers are increasingly requesting and which home inspectors can provide for additional fees. Now is the perfect time to take that first step towards a challenging and rewarding new career in home inspection. Are you ready?





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