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Continuing Education

Frequently Asked Questions on 

How to Become a Home Inspector


1. After I complete the course, do I receive a license?

You don't have to be registered/certified to work as a home inspector

 in most states or provinces. See our Home Inspector regulation page

 to review the qualifications required in your area. Upon successful completion

 of the complete training course Infinity Schools will issue you a Certificate of 

 Course Completion certifying that you have successfully completed the entire home

 inspection training series and that you are ready to perform real life home inspections.

2. How long does it take to complete the course?

Each of the 12 modules takes roughly 35 hours to complete. If you study full time, the 

course may take as little as approximately 10 weeks. Most people take longer.

3. What does the video/CD-ROM consist of and how long is each video/CD-ROM?

The nine videos or CD-ROM's contain hundreds of computer-enhanced real-world inspection scenes, 

narrated by professional home inspectors. There are over 17 hours of video in total (approximately 2 

hours each). You can chose CD-ROM's or videos depending on what medium is most convenient for you.

The CD-ROM requires Shockwave supported browsers Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater OR Netscape 4.0 

or greater. Download the FREE Shockwave Player.

4. Is your course recognized by any home inspection association?

There are many associations and in most states and provinces, it is not mandatory to join any. The largest

 is the American Society Of Home Inspectors (ASHI). This program meets the requirements of the ASHI 

Curriculum, which sets out the set of skills needed to perform a competent home inspection to ASHI Standards.

Several Canadian home inspection associations also recognize the program. These include CAHPI-BC,

ASTT of BC, CAHPI Manitoba, CAHPI Atlantic and CAHPI Saskatchewan.

5. How many students are currently enrolled in the Home Study System?

Hundreds of students have taken or are taking the course.

6. What time frame do I have to complete the course?

The course is geared for home study; you work at your own pace. Students can enroll at any time and complete

 the course whenever they are finished (regardless of how long it takes).

7. Can I complete the modules in any order?

The course has been designed so that you can work on any Module at any time. We recommend starting with

 the Communication and Professional Practice Module, and Heating I and Heating II should be taken in order. 

Otherwise, it's up to you.

8. Is there a final exam? What is the passing grade?

Each Module contains approximately 3 exams (31 in total). You send the exams to us for marking. Results 

are promptly returned, along with helpful commentary. Once all the exams are successfully completed, a certificate 

and mark transcript are issued. The passing grade is 70%. If you do not get 70% on any given exam, you may re-take 

the exam. Exams are graded and a certificate issued upon completion.

9. Do I have to enroll in the entire course, or can I buy modules individually?

You can purchase modules individually

text only,

text and video, or CD ROM

You can purchase in sets

text only

text and video or CD ROM

You can also purchase all the modules as a complete package

the 14 texts,

14 texts and 8 videos, or CD-ROM's

10. What happens after I finish the course? Do I get a job with CDA? Do you find 

       jobs for graduates?

You are in a good position to start your home inspection business or career. You are also well prepared to

 take the membership examinations from Home Inspection organizations. We do not have a placement service

 per se, although we can list the names of graduates on our Website as referrals.

11. How much money can a Home Inspector make?

A home inspector can perform up to 500 inspections per year. ASHI's 1999 Business Operations Study showed 

an average of 243 inspections per inspector per year (including part time inspectors) and an average inspection 

fee of $265. At $250 per inspection, 200 inspections would result in a gross income of $50,000. Inspectors performing

 500 inspections per year can gross more than $125,000. It takes time to build up a business to that level, depending on

 market conditions and your business development skills.

12. How big does a market have to be to support an Inspector?

500 house sales per year within your travel area is probably an absolute minimum. You can get information about

 the number of house sales from your Board of REALTORS.

13. Is it good if there are no Inspectors in my area now?

Some people feel it's better to have no competition, others feel the competition will have educated the market place 

for them. Either way, starting a new business is a challenge.

14. Do I need insurance?

You will want to insure your vehicle and property, of course. You should also have liability insurance in case you damage 

a house or cause an injury. You may also want to purchase Errors and Omissions Insurance that protects you if a client

 accuses you of missing a problem in the home, (especially if the problem causes financial loss, damage or injury).

There are other insurance's to consider as well, including health and dental insurance and disability insurance.

15. What tools does an Inspector need?

The tools used are numerous. We can mail, fax or e-mail this recommended list to you. Many of your required tools

 are available for purchase from our toolshop.

16. What kind of reporting do I have to do?

There are several report writing systems available to inspectors. We happen to think that our Home Reference Book  

is the best. Call for more information. 

17. What kind of business partnerships can I make in this industry?

Establishing business partnerships just makes sense. For many home inspectors their partners are key to the viability 

of their business. Many inspectors seek out Real Estate agents as the two industries work hand in hand. However there

 are other related industries that welcome the services of home inspectors such as Financial Institutions, publication 

companies who require technical articles, and many others.

18. If I choose the Easy Payment Plan do I receive one module for each payment made?

No, all the course materials are sent to you after you register so you can structure and complete the course in a way

 you are most comfortable with.

21. How do I submit my test(s) for marking once completed?

For your convenience you can either use the postage paid envelopes that are included in every textbook, fax them in, 

or email a scanned copy in a JPEG file format to


Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly.


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