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Continuing Education
A Closer Look at the Training System

A Closer Look at the Training System

How it works:

A closer look at the Infinity Training System reveals the thoroughness and appeal of the program. The total system contains 14 modules, each of which features between 175 and 375 pages of course text and up to 250 illustrations per module. These elegantly presented materials also include the ever-important 8 set CD-ROM or Video Cassette Training Series. These vital visual training components help to bring the corresponding textbook modules to life.


Descriptions and Explanations:

The text describes the materials used in the construction of each house system and how they are assembled. It also outlines why things sometimes go wrong, and the implications of problems that result. Most importantly, it shows students what to look for during their inspection. More than anything else, this knowledge is what sets home inspectors apart from contractors and other building professionals. While others may have experience designing and building homes, they lack the home inspector's expertise in knowing where and how to look for signs of nonperformance such as old age, deferred maintenance, weather damage, and poor workmanship. This information is the very heart of the home inspection service.


Learning Objectives:

At the beginning of each module you will find a list of concepts you should master by the end of each chapter.


Key Terms:

Important terms appear in boldface within the text discussions so that you can begin to understand them in context. A summary list of key terms appears at the end of each module chapter.


Inspection Checklists:

These tools will summarize the important components you will be inspecting and their typical problems.


Inspection Procedures:

This material will help you develop a systematic approach and best practices for your inspections.


Standards of Practice:

ASHI has established a set of standards that are widely used to define the scope of inspection that practitioners should achieve.


Inspection Tools:

This summary list will help you build your toolkit of “must have” and optional tools for the job.


CD Roms / Video Training Series:

Video training tapes are another important component of the Infinity Training System. The eight CD ROMS or Video Tapes contain hundreds of real world inspection scenes, narrated by experienced, professional home inspectors. With the aid of computer enhancement, our instructors explain the nature of the defects illustrated and how best to handle them during an inspection. Students are typically instructed to watch a tape at the beginning of each Module, at intervals during the unit, and in its entirety at the end. This proven technique helps to visually prepare, explain, and then reinforce the material to be learned.


Certificate of Completion:

All students who successfully complete the 14-module training program will receive a certificate officially validating their course work and subject mastery. Why did we go to such lengths to make the Infinity Training System so comprehensive? We believe there is only one way to do things - the best you possibly can. Our goal is to help our students become the most knowledgeable and professional home inspectors in the business. This requires learning a great deal and mastering a number of skills. The entire 14-module course requires several months to complete, and it takes time, as well, to build a reputation and clientele.


Don't just take our word for it!

When it comes down to it, we know that the only way for you to be convinced of the benefits of the Infinity Training System is to get your hands on a module. Purchase any single module for a risk-free examination. The cost will be applied to your fee for the total program if you decide to enroll. If you are not completely satisfied, your money will be refunded. Call 1-800-600-2550.

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