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Infinity Schools is an e-learning company based in Torrance, California.

The company was founded in 1993 by Greg Mckewen, a former insurance agent turned entrepreneur. The company started as a provider of continuing education solutions to the insurance industry, and as the internet and technology grew the company expanded its training solutions to the real estate and financial services industries, as well as providing professional career development and vocational training and certifications thru its high tech VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY.

The current course offerings include insurance continuing education, real estate continuing education,  securities exam preparation, firm element continuing education for registered representatives and broker dealers, and professional career training and certification program for home inspectors. The company will continue to expand both its continuing education solutions and career training courses into additional industries and professions. Infinity Schools offers its courses thru a cutting edge course delivery platform that makes the learning process fun and convenient, as well as solving complicated issues such as: tracking, reporting, issuing certifications, meeting mandated monitoring requirements and numerous other detailed programming issues by employing a knowledgeable and experienced technology and programming department. Working with large corporate insurance firms, financial services broker dealers, and real estate sales companies, well as individuals, Infinity Schools understands people, and technology, as well as delivering quality education and training solutions. Most importantly they understand the importance of delivering high caliber customer service, and employing knowledgeable, trained, and accessible staff members.

A Message from the President

Thank you for visiting InfinitySchools.net. It is my true desire to make your learning experience as informative and as enjoyable as possible. You the client will always be my highest priority, and the most important element in my business life. It is my daily responsibility to make sure that infinityschools.net is your favorite source for meeting all of your training, education, compliance, and career development needs. I wish you the very best of success in all of your future endeavors, both business and otherwise, and remember,

Learning really is "Infinity"!

Respectfully Yours,

Greg Mckewen


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